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Windows 11 is the most inclusively designed version of Windows so far, with more accessibility and assistive technology features than ever.

Changing Contrast and Color of Text

People with light sensitivity and people working for extended periods of time can enjoy beautiful color themes, including new Dark themes and reimagined High Contrast Themes.The new Contrast Themes include aesthetically pleasing, customizable color combinations that make apps and content easier to see.

For people with vision issues, including photophobia, the feature that allows users to adjust contrast and the color of text has been most welcome. One of our clients has made everything in the background black, and changed the color to mid-green, and he has said it makes a great difference and improved the comfort and quality of his computing experience.

More Popular Assistive Technologies

Some often used assistive features are still included, and it's nice that these are included 'out-of-the-box,' so you don't need to purchase, add-on, or worry about updates and conflicts with these features.

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Northwest Ergonomics and Assistive Technology is here to help with your ergonomic needs. Our trained  experts will consult with you to understand your specific needs and provide solutions that really work. We help people of all ages who have experienced an injury or other disability.

It is important to our caring specialists that you really get the benefit of these wonderful advancements in technology. For that reason we specialize in training and follow-up to make sure that everything is working as effectively as possible for you.

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