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December 22, 2022
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Microsoft, Apple, and Others Launch Apps to Help Low Vision and Cognitively Impaired

New Apps to Help Those with Low Vision and Cognitive Impairments Shop

NaviLens: an app called NaviLens allows users to scan products with a unique code using the camera of their device to obtain important information about the packaging and product, such as ingredients and instructions. The information is relayed either by audio or large clear text, in a clear manor and language native to where the phone originates, and locates where the product is with great accuracy using a sonified Augmented Reality.

Seeing AI App: Technology giant Microsoft and Haleon, a multinational healthcare company, are working together to make health products more accessible for people with vision impairments via AI technology that narrates product labels. Together, the companies are expanding functionality in the Microsoft Seeing AI app to give users more detailed labelling information. Seeing AI is a free mobile app designed to help people who have trouble seeing by narrating the world around them.

iOS 16.2 Custom Accessibility Mode

The new iOS release for iPhones and iPads has a new Custom Accessibility Mode,  codenamed “Clarity,” that is aimed at making the iPhone and iPad interface more user-friendly for those users who may find it too complicated.

Apple internally describes Custom Accessibility Mode as a “customizable, streamlined way to use your iPhone and iPad.” For example, users will be able to set things like UI and larger text, apps available on the Home Screen, allowed contacts, and access to hardware buttons for when Custom Accessibility Mode is enabled. A password can be set to prevent others from changing these settings. A triple-click on the side button (or Home button) quickly enables and disables Custom Accessibility Mode.

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