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A Team Of Experts Ready To Help You

Doug Lear

Assistive Technology Specialist
Doug was honorably discharged from the Army in 1993 when he began his studies in Social Work at Pacific Lutheran University. Upon graduating from PLU in 1996 with a Degree in Social Work, Doug entered into the vocational rehabilitation field to provide services to injured workers. Doug went on to obtain his Master’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation in 2005 from San Diego State University and obtained his Certified Rehabilitation Counselor certificate in 2009. 

Doug completed the Assistive Technology certificate program at the University of Washington in 2009 and has continued with voice dictation since. While studying at SDSU, Doug’s focus was in Assistive Technology. He was fortunate enough to be taught but Marcia J. Schere, PhD, who is a leading expert/researcher in the field of Assistive Technology. Doug utilizes the assessment tool her and her colleagues developed, the Matching Person Technology assessment. Although Doug has worked for over 20 years in vocational rehabilitation, providing services to injured workers and veterans and handling Social Security Department and forensics referrals, his passion lies in the field of Assistive Technology. Doug enjoys working with technology, but most of all, helping people.

Bobbie Kaufman

Bobbie has over 15 years of experience working with injured workers and employers in the vocational rehabilitation field, with more recent experience in ergonomics. She earned a BA in English from Georgetown University, an MC in Counseling from Seattle University and holds a national certification in Rehabilitation Counseling. When not at work, Bobbie enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves the practice of yoga, cycling, gardening and reading.

Gina Dunn

Gina has an occupational therapy background which provides a specialized scope to her ergonomic evaluations. Her experience and education support a holistic approach including medical, bio-mechanical and psychological approaches to each individual situation .

Jem Rockholt

Jem is a Vocational and Ergonomic specialist who works with employers and insurance providers to detect ergonomic risk factors in the workplace and identify appropriate accommodations to reduce the risks of repetitive stress.

Jem knows that productivity and employee satisfaction improves when the workplace is fit to the needs and unique circumstances of the employee.

Jem has hands-on experience performing ergonomic evaluations in both industrial and office settings to improve worker safety and to mitigate the potential of repetitive stress injuries. In addition to mechanical ergonomic accommodations, Jem has training and experience utilizing assistive technology, such as voice recognition software.

Jem is a trained ergonomic specialist with formal education through Colorado State University and completion of the Matheson Office Ergonomics Certification Program.
Jem holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Central Washington University.

Ric Burd

Ric has been working in the industry since 2002, specializing in developing employer jobsite analysis and light duty programs, ergonomics consultations and adjustments, disability accommodations and providing effective return to work solutions. 

Ric is Matheson trained in Ergonomics and is a Certified Ergonomics Evaluation Specialist. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Western Washington University and later his Master’s Degree, M.Ed., Education Counseling from Seattle Pacific University. 

Ric is currently a Registered Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Department of Labor and Industries and has been a Certified Disability Manager Specialist since 2006.

Stacy Benson

Stacy is a 2003 graduate of The Evergreen State College, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree with an emphasis in Sociology and counseling. For the last 12 years Stacy has worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor assisting clients who have been injured on the job. As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Stacy regularly assists clients with workplace planning and career changes due to work restrictions caused by significant injuries. She regularly consults with attorneys, employers, and practitioners who are involved in the Worker’s Compensation industry for Washington State. Having struggled herself with repetitive strain injuries and other accident related traumas, Stacy sought ways to accommodate her work to reduce pain brought on by prolonged sitting and repetitive computer tasks. By implementing a few key adjustments to her work space, Stacy recognized greater and rapid improvement with her symptoms. This opened the pathway to the study of workplace design, and equipment accommodations and led her to a position with Northwest Ergonomics and Wellness.

As an Ergonomics Consultant, she is passionate about educating clients about the study of ergonomics as well as being able to provide immediate improvements to a person’s work environment. She currently conducts ergonomics consultations for Worker’s Compensation claims and private sector employers, while simultaneously maintaining an active case load as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Stacy is a member of the Puget Sound Chapter of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and is continually working on career advancement, specifically in the field of ergonomics.

Stacy is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (CEAS) and a Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS).

James Leavitt

James is an ergonomic specialist with an innate ability to adapt to new workplaces, job descriptions, or cultural shifts to productive workspaces to allow businesses to thrive. He worked as a Head Athletic Trainer, managing the sports medicine program, and providing care in a secondary education setting before transitioning to workplace ergonomics. His educational background with a Bachelor of Science double majoring in sports medicine and rehabilitation science at Saginaw Valley State University with formal training in advanced occupational ergonomics at Colorado State University. His experience has helped him create functional workspaces for individuals with a wide variety of needs and disabilities. He is very active in the global ergonomics community and has diverse experience consulting in technology, finance, automotive, aerospace, utilities, airline, and entertainment. He enjoys traveling, scuba diving, backpacking, snowboarding, tennis, and volleyball in his free time.

Nicole Stanley

Nicole Stanley is a native of Wisconsin but has fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. Nicole had visited the Seattle area upon graduation from high School, following her visit to Seattle Nicole told her family that, one day, she would move there. With the draw of the mountains and water, she is now excited to call Seattle home. Nicole grew up as an advent sailor, competing at national level and also spending the winters skiing. Nicole is thrilled to be in an area where she can sail, ski and run year round. Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts and a Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine. Nicole benefits from her understanding of body mechanics and applying it to ergonomics to assist individuals comfortably back to work!
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