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Dragon Dictation Software

Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking program has revolutionized the 'hands free' computer operation for those who are injured or disabled.

Dragon Dictation Software

Hands-Free Computer Operation and "Voice to Text" Dictation

Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows a user to virtually eliminate the need for keyboards and significantly reduce the use of a mouse while meeting occupational production standards. As this software continues to get better, it is an increasingly being utilized by our clients as they age and have difficulty moving their hands. Many with disabilities also benefit from Nuance's powerful software.

Here are some highlights of Nuance's Dragon Software:

  • Works in Noisy Environments: An individual can now dictate with the same accuracy as a quiet environment.
  • Able to Speak in a Low Voice: With version 15, input gain adjusts the microphone volume on the fly, now allowing a user to speak in a whisper, not interrupting coworkers.
  • Accents or speech impediments: Version 15 allows users to set up a profile with many different accents and adapts to speech impediments. I have trained individuals with accents/speech impediments with great accuracy of users with no accent/speech impediments.
  • English as a Second Language Users: Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows users to set up a profile specific to accent type and region. Furthermore, the software adapts and learns from the users speaking and writing style as more data is produced.
  • Faster and More accurate: Version 15 is more accurate out of the box, and processing speed is doubled over the past version. Voice training is no longer required, and deep learning improves the box accuracy to 98%.
  • Custom Commands: Dragon allows for the ability to use custom commands to support dedicated software such as medical billing, terminal programs, CAD, and calling center software.
  • Record lectures & Dictate on the Go: Dragon NaturallySpeaking has the ability to transcribe recordings of the user or other speakers.
  • Play Back Transcription: Dragon NaturallySpeaking is able to play back the recording at any point based on the transcription results.
  • Medical and Legal Versions: There are special Dragon versions for legal occupation and medical settings as well.

Dragon Requires a Specialist to Set Up

Dragon software will work wonders for your productivity, but it is not recommended that you set it up yourself. A Dragon Specialist can check your hardware to make sure it has adequate resources to support Dragon and then install the software correctly. Then, they will help you configure your speech devices and most importantly, provide some basic training to get you up to speed with the various commands.

Once installed, a Dragon specialist can show you how to "teach" Dragon how to interpret your unique voice more accurately.  The software can be customized to perform basic operations on your computer, and more quickly and easily recognize your frequently used terms, names, and phrases (and emails etc.).

Doug Lear is an Assistive Technology Specialist on our team who specializes in implementing Dragon software for professionals and students in all fields. Doug has a special affinity for helping people with Dragon after he used it himself to overcome a work related injury.  Read more about Doug and the other members of our team on our staff 'bios' page.

To speak with one of our team members, contact us by calling the number above or filling out a form to the right.   Our team assists with ergonomics and assistive technology of all kinds to improve people's lives and we look forward to improving yours.

Dragon Installation and Training is Our Specialty

We specialize in the installation and training of Dragon software. Our caring and patient technicians will take the time to help you install the software properly, optimize your set up with the best equipment, and get used to using Dragon. You will be amazed at how much better you are able to operate a computer with this wonderful solution. More about our Dragon Support:
  • Training provided in person or remotely in a virtual classroom.
  • Training focused on the individual and workplace setting as well as the technical requirements of the occupational goal.
  • We provide a comprehensive Dragon NaturallySpeaking manual at no additional charge.
  • We provide a comprehensive report summarizing the training provided and outcomes to stakeholders.
  • We provides a comprehensive Dragon NaturallySpeaking manual at no additional charge.
  • We provides a comprehensive report summarizing the training provided and outcomes to stakeholders.
Contact us for more information, we are happy to hop on the phone (or ZOOM) and discuss your needs.