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Assistive Technology Evaluations

We are here to help people stay productive by giving them solutions that allow them to continue doing the work they love to do.

Workplace, Home & Academic Assistive Technology Evaluations

Assistive Technology redefines what is possible for people with various cognitive/learning, and physical  disabilities. Our passion is helping individuals, organizations,  and students be as productive, if not more productive, as individuals without disabilities. Our solutions allow people to be more independent, self-confident, productive, and better included in every day life, education, employment, and living.

Increasing Productivity for All Personnel

Our evaluations can be tailored for non-disabled individuals to provide recommendations for businesses, schools, or other organizations that will increase their stakeholders' productivity and prevent overuse injuries. Example: While typing at 40 words per minute, a person can produce a 3 page, 900 word document in approximately 22 minutes. While speaking at 150 words per minute, the same 900 word document can be made in just 6 minutes.

Our Assistive Technology Evaluations:

• Provide recommendations of  assistive technology equipment, software, and training to assist employees in remaining at or returning to work while maintaining (or increasing) their level of productivity.
• Ensure the technology is appropriately matched to the person's workplace or academic environment so that it meets their individual abilities and needs. 
• Provide an overview of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and other assistive technology that will eliminate the need for keyboarding and mouse-ing while maintaining productivity.  
• Evaluate the amount of Assistive Technology training necessary for the individual, employer, or student based on the overall scope of the appropriate equipment, occupational goal,  software, and the individual’s technological abilities in the work environment.
• Provide a framework to ensure successful integration of the assistive technology by skillfully matching the person to the right solution to meet their requirements.
• Provide a professional &comprehensive report outlining the recommended equipment/computers, software, and related training that is goal–oriented and tailored to the individual 's or organization's needs

Assistive technology factory worker

A Caring Team of Experts

Northwest Ergonomics and Wellness (NEW) was founded based on a desire to prevent on-the-job injuries and create vital, sustainable workplaces that are progressive and client-centered.

We believe that a healthy work environment increases productivity and improves quality of life, both in and out of the workplace. We look forward to working with you and your team. Contact us with the form on the right to have  a call to discuss your needs.