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Keep You Moving

We are here to help people stay productive by giving them solutions that allow them to continue doing the work they love to do.

Assistive Technology Evaluation & Solutions

Individual & Workplace Consultation

We have extensive experience working with individuals to identify potential work space and/or job duty changes to reduce or prevent symptomatology. We will address an employee’s specific concerns and provide education and specialized recommendations.  We are able to provide either a general ergonomics assessment and/or an assistive technology evaluation.

In determining whether an ergonomics or assistive technology evaluation is most appropriate, there are many considerations. In general, a standard ergonomics evaluation is sufficient to establish recommendations aimed at assisting a client in reaching the demands of his/her job goal. If the client has significant physical limitations in conjunction with cognitive, developmental and/or other unique challenges, then an assistive technology evaluation may be more appropriate..

WA State Labor and Industries Consultation

We are intimately familiar with the interface between ergonomics or assistive technology evaluations and the Job Modification and Pre-Job Accommodation processes through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. We are happy to provide education about the accommodations benefits that these programs offer.

Please check out our resources page for additional helpful information about the WA State L&I processes. Communication with our consultants and referral coordination is billable under the 0823V vocational code.

Group Training

Do you have multiple employees reporting symptoms or expressing a desire for specialized equipment and/or accommodations? Or are you a progressive team focused on prevention and research driven work space design? Consider a workplace presentation to impact your entire team. A one to two hour group training followed by discussion and individualized assessment can make a lasting impact on your whole group.

Voice Activated Software Training

Caring and Thorough Training

Innovations in software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking can enable computer access for individuals with specific limitations as well as increase typing speeds up to three times by voice for the average user. Our knowledgeable consultants have extensive experience working with this software and are adept at customizing training sessions to maximize benefits.

The first step is completion of a bid request form.

Corporate Partnerships

An effective ergonomics program develops a prevention culture and promotes overall health and wellness. Let Northwest Ergonomics & Wellness partner with your company and provide regularly scheduled monthly or bi-monthly time working with your employees.

Our ergonomics professional will become an integral part of your team by providing direct services customized to fit your needs, which could include one-on-one evaluation, equipment and furniture consultation, and/or wellness related brown bag presentations. This partnership is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to developing a healthy workplace and proactively solve potential issues before they become costly problems.