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December 19, 2023
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SpeechWare Continues Developing Excellent Microphones to Use With Dragon

In the past, we've written about Belgian company SpeechWare and their great assistive technology devices, focusing on the 6-in-one TableMike, which we consider the "gold standard" in USB microphones. We wanted to take a moment to share about 2 more products that we've had experience using and are very enthusiastic about.

Speechware TwistMike

The SpeechWare TwistMike (pictured, right) is the longest and most flexible speech microphone available in the market. It offers extremely long and flexible gooseneck boom, ensuring the consistent positioning of the microphone.  The microphone capsule has superior Dragon recognition accuracy, with its large cardioid capsule.  Our specialists have found this great for quadriplegic and other mobility challenged users.

Speechware USB TravelMike

The SpeechWare USB TravelMike with USB Connector  (pictured, bottom right) is the small, portable microphone that has the same great performance as their well-known 6-in-one TableMike, due to it's proprietary VoiceMatic V.10 chipset. Our specialists love using this with dragon when they are on their laptops. According to the SpeechWare website,

Keeping always the same dictation distance to the microphone is not so important any more: as you move away, the SpeechWare USB TravelMike automatically increases its volume and vice versa.

... this seems to indicate that these products are going to be making Dragon even more accurate than before, which is great news.

More about SpeechWare

SpeechWare is a Belgian company, headquartered in Brussels (the "heart of Europe") and from their website:

SpeechWare was created ten years ago, with the mission to contribute to the long-promised speech recognition revolution for the average business and public service computer user.

Find out more about them on their website here.

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