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April 24, 2022
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SpeechWare Brings Assistive Technology to Your Voice

April 2024 Update:

The latest model of the Speechware  6-in-1 TableMike® (pictured, right), natively operates with Dolbey’s state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq.™  The result is that accuracy has never been better.

"SpeechWare took an already excellent product and made it even better. The performance of this microphone is simply the best in class," says Doug Lear, Assistive Technology Specialist at Northwest Ergonomics, "Accuracy has never been better due to the low low latency, high-sensitivity noise cancelling and background noise rejection, and self-adjusting input."

"When I am setting up a user to take advantage of Dragon dictation software, this is the preferred microphone for greatest accuracy and most reliable performance," said Doug.

Fusion Narrate

Fusion Narrate is a speech recognition software that is known for being accurate and dynamic, allowing the user to truly dictate and control their device with their voice.

Original Article from February 2022:

Pictured to the Right: The USB 6-in-1 TableMike (with silver plate).

The SpeechWare USB 6-in-1 TableMike is the "gold standard" in USB microphones and the preferred device installed by Northwest Ergonomics' technicians. 

The praises about the USB 6-in-1 TableMike are well sung to this article in MacWorld online:

When the microphone is in the appropriate position, and the volume is adjusted correctly, the 6-in-1 TableMike offers the best speech recognition quality of all the models I’ve tested. In addition, the level of comfort available with this type of microphone is exceptional. You don’t have to wear anything on your head, and you have no wires tethering you to your computer. And since this microphone offers excellent recognition at a foot or more from your mouth, you can lean back in your chair, move the microphone base to the edge of your desk, and dictate in a relaxed position.

More Specs on the SpeechWare USB 6-in-1 TableMike

  • High quality integrated speaker for voice and music reproduction as well as VoIP (“Skype”)
  • USB port for connection of memory card, camera, etc. in the back of the unit
  • Special port for connection of foot pedal (in option).
  • Dictate more comfortably without wearing anything or being physically tethered to your PC.
  • Integrated high quality Speaker with Volume control (+ and -) buttons built conveniently into the base –an industry first.
  • Audio output to connect Stereo headsets, for privacy and Stereo music listening.
  • Noise canceling technology with manual Sensitivity control, filters out background noise.

Read more about the specs and see schematics for the USB 6-in-1 TableMike on SpeechWare's site here.

More about SpeechWare

SpeechWare is a Belgian company, headquartered in Brussels (the "heart of Europe") and from their website:

SpeechWare was created ten years ago, with the mission to contribute to the long-promised speech recognition revolution for the average business and public service computer user.

Find out more about them on their website here.

Contact the Dragon Dictation and Assistive Technology Experts at Northwest Ergonomics

The team at Northwest Ergonomics is here to help with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Our highly trained assistive technology experts will consult with you to understand your specific needs and provide solutions that really work. We help people of all ages including adults in the workplace who have experienced an injury or other disability.

It is important to our caring specialists that you really get the benefit of these wonderful advancements in technology. For that reason we specialize in training and follow-up to make sure that everything is working as effectively as possible for you.

To contact us, use the form on our contact page, or call 206-707-8830.



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