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May 31, 2022
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Assistive Technology with AI Helps Elderly Adults Age-in-Place

There is a nationwide phenomenon of Baby Boomers facing a decision about whether or not they can  remain independent (like they'd prefer to) while staying safe and maintaining a sense of well-being.

Many children of those who are in their 70s and 80s are struggling with helping their parents navigate the difficulties of aging, and it can be a very stressful endeavor.

As we age, we will inevitably experience the negative effects like loss of sight and mobility. These symptoms of aging can reduce someone's quality of life, especially if they are unable to work or if they live away from close friends and family members.

We've written in a past article about the challenges senior adults face and some technology that helps them get by and thrive.

There are a couple of new devices that we have learned about that use artificial intelligence to keep elderly adults connected to their support system, and on schedule with medications.

The Genie Connect by Service Robotics

A recent article in the Assistive Technology Today website brought the Genie Connect device to our attention. The Genie Connect, created by Service Robotics, is an interactive module that allows the elderly to stay connected to their medical support system, and their family as well.

The unobtrusive device sits in the home of the elderly person and provides a variety of services, including reminders for medication, and easy communication with their support system.

The article highlights the 12 month test that is currently ongoing in which residents in a UK housing unit will try out the Genie Connect.

The ElliQ Device by Intuition Robotics

another recent article in the McKnights Senior Living news resource brought the ElliQ device, which is being tested on elderly residents in senior living communities in New York.

The Elliq robot, from Intuition Robotics, communicates with older adults similarly to the way that Amazon’s Alexa does, but it can empathize with humans and respond to voice and body movements, according to the company. Although other technologies are reactive to commands, ElliQ proactively suggests activities and initiates conversations, building context through artificial intelligence to inform follow-up conversations.

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