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July 26, 2022
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Microsoft Announces New Adaptive Accessories at “Ability Summit”

At the 12th Annual Microsoft Ability Summit, it has announced that it is releasing a new line of highly adaptable devices later this year for those with disabilities who find it difficult to use a regular mouse and keyboard arrangement for their computer or phone. This exciting new product line includes the following:

  • The Microsoft Adaptive Mouse
  • The Microsoft Adaptive Hub
  • The Microsoft Adaptive Button

These adaptive controls, which go on sale in the Fall of 2022, create an ecosystem that enables people with disabilities to tailor their own mouse, keyboard, and shortcuts to suit their particular needs.

Each piece of hardware has its own unique features that you’ll find both user-friendly and tailored to your specific needs.

1. The Microsoft Adaptive Mouse

Anyone who wishes to boost their PC productivity, including those who are unable to use a regular mouse, can benefit from the adaptable Microsoft Adaptive Mouse technology.
The small core component can connect wirelessly or over a USB-C to up to three devices when used as a standalone mouse.

In this case, the core mouse is combined with a Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support or 3D printed tails. Together, the mouse, tail extension, and thumb support form a conventional-looking, lightweight, and portable mouse. It is simple to switch the sides of the thumb support accessory for righthand or lefthand use.

2. Microsoft’s Adaptive Hub

Microsoft will also provide a line of adaptable devices for impaired individuals that improve on the use of conventional keyboards by adding a central hub and new wireless buttons.

All of this is accomplished by using the Microsoft Adaptive Hub, which can wirelessly pair with up to four Microsoft Adaptive Buttons to enable various connections without the problem of cluttered cords.  In addition, the hub supports 3.5mm assistive technology switches and features three profiles you can use with different devices.

3. The Microsoft Adaptive Button

The IT behemoth’s Microsoft Adaptive Button is designed to connect to the Microsoft Adaptive Hub.

Eight digital switches make up the button, which is configured with the user's desired inputs. For example, a user can configure a lengthy macro or a short keystroke. Users can also choose button toppers from the new adaptive line through the selection, for instance, of a dual button or joystick, or they may also print their own button toppers.

As a user, you can establish a wireless switch input system for your phone or PC when you use this adaptive button technology.

An Improving World for Those with Injuries and Disabilities

The above products will make it easier to work on the computer and remotely. Wired has review information you’ll want to read about these new hardware accessories.  Here is a short promo Microsoft created for these new products:

If you’re finding it a struggle currently to work on a computer system, take heart. Microsoft has you covered with its new technology.

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