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November 20, 2020
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Specialized Dragon Dictation Software Improves Medical and Legal Practices

Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a software product from the Nuance Corporation has been helping people “talk to text” and vocally control their computers  since the 1990s. People with disabilities and accessibility issues have been the primary beneficiaries of the benefits of Dragon, but increasingly, professionals and students are transitioning to voice recognition software to improve their productivity.

Widely considered the industry leader, Dragon is perennially rated the best solution for dictation software, as it was  rated the again by Tech Radar in 2020. This comes as no surprise considering that Nuance’s voice recognition technology powers many applications that you probably already use, including Apple’s “Siri” AI.

There are a couple of specific professions that Dragon has created custom software bundles for: the legal  and the medical professions.

Dragon Legal Edition

According to this article on the American Bar Association Journal, a legal consultant says “Dragon NaturallySpeaking is unquestionably the leader <in 'speech-to text' for lawyers>. Nobody else has comparable algorithms, or has invested as much into the category.”

"Speech software is faster than typing," she adds. "Dragon software is a godsend for mobility and accessibility."

Dragon Legal Edition comes pre-loaded with a robust vocabulary of legal terms.

The consultant also mentions  that the attorneys whom she has helped adopt Dragon software experience and unforeseen benefit of learning how to draft even more well-formed arguments. “The attorneys who have really learned to dictate think before they speak in a way that their oratory skills improve, particularly if they’re litigating.”

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Doctors are responsible for the well-being of others. Time spent in front of a computer updating medical records is often time taken away from saving lives. According to an article on HealthTech Radar, the Dragon Medical Practice Edition improves doctor's workflow and saves them 30 minutes a day, on average.

Compatible with EMR Records Systems

Dragon Medical Practice Edition comes pre-loaded with an extensive vocabulary of medical terminology and is compatible with most EMRs (electronic medical record software).  Contact our team to have your questions answered about integrating Dragon with your existing electronic medical records (EMR) platform.

'Cloud Based' Integration is Great for Dynamic Applications

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is "Cloud-based." which allows users greater flexibility and mobility in updating records from a variety of locations seamlessly.  Cloud-based solutions require less capital investment, demand fewer IT resources, take up less space, and update automatically, resulting in significant cost savings for clinics without the time and staff to support 'on premise' installation. There is also a Dragon app that doctors can speak into 'on the go' that allows them to conveniently put their thoughts into writing, and all the Dragon products work together to update seamlessly.

Nuance is no stranger to helping medical professionals, as evidenced by their collaboration with Microsoft to provide transcriptions of remote telehealth appointments.

Dragon is Award-Winning Software that has Helped During the Pandemic

Dragon Medical Practice software won 2021 Best in KLAS Quality Management,  and 2021 Best in KLAS Speech Recognition (Front-End EMR) by  KLAS Research in recognition for it's excellent contribution to the medical field's modernization and transition to remote (Telehealth) services.

Dragon Requires a Specialist to Set Up

Dragon software will work wonders for your productivity, but it is not recommended that you set it up yourself. A Dragon Specialist can check your hardware to make sure it has adequate resources to support Dragon and then install the software correctly. Then, they will help you configure your speech devices and most importantly, provide some basic training to get you up to speed with the various commands .

Once installed, a Dragon specialist can show you how to "teach" Dragon how to interpret your unique voice more accurately.  The software can be customized to perform basic operations on your computer, and more quickly and easily recognize your frequently used terms, names, and phrases (and emails etc.).

Doug Lear is an Assistive Technology Specialist on our team who specializes in implementing Dragon software for professionals and students in all fields. Doug has a special affinity for helping people with Dragon after he used it himself to overcome a work related injury.  Read more about Doug and the other members of our team on our staff 'bios' page.

To speak with one of our team members, contact us by calling the number above or filling out a form on our contact us page. You will hear back from someone who can answer your questions about how Dragon can help you in your practice.  Our team assists with ergonomics and assistive technology of all kinds to improve people's lives. We look forward to improving yours!



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