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February 27, 2022
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KnowBrainer software: Taking Dragon to the Next Level

The world of assistive technology has been an exciting place for those of us with disabilities.  There are certain companies, like Microsoft, Apple, and Nuance (Dragon) that lead the way, bringing accessibility tools  to the masses.

There are also the unsung heroes who are on the cutting edge, pushing  the envelope of what is capable with these tools. Lunis Orcutt of KnowBrainer is one such person.

What is KnowBrainer Software?

KnowBrainer is a "command software"  for the Windows OS that interacts with Dragon dictation software to allow users more flexibility in how they control their computers using their voice.

KnowBrainer software  currently costs $199 for a lifetime license (free 30 day trial, see their product page here), and it is "open source" in the sense that users can configure it and share their commands.  This capability has led a vibrant community of dictation software users and programmers to develop on the KnowBrainer bulletin board.

KnowBrainer Speech Forums

Another great thing about KnowBrainer software is the community has sprung up around it that can share tips allowing users to benefit from each other's experience and share their developing commands using KnowBrainer software.  KnowBrainer hosts this user community message board here.

Lunis - The Brain Behind KnowBrainer

KnowBrainer is the creation of Lunis Orcutt, who is based in Tennessee. On the KnowBrainer user community message board there are numerous threads thanking him for his contribution to assistive technology. The KnowBrainer software and user hub has done a lot to improve the lives of those with disabilities and injuries. Says one user in a recent post:

I just wanted to post an open letter to you to say how much I have appreciated your generosity over the years of making KnowBrainer freely available to me and other disabled users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

From my personal experience, I have reached a point where I could probably write a lot of the commands that you have in your package. However, it is not practical and would in fact be reinventing the wheel.

I just know that I have come to depend on the software throughout the day and whenever I do not have it loaded, my productivity is greatly diminished. Needless to say, I load the software as quickly as I can and move forward.

So, I just want to say thank you once again for your kindness and the big-hearted gesture that you have extended to so many in this user group. It is something that you did not have to do, but chose to do and for that, we certainly appreciate it and will be forever grateful!

Lunis Orcutt responds to this message later in that thread and discusses his personal journey into the world of speech software programming here.

Contact the Dragon Experts at Northwest Ergonomics

The team at Northwest Ergonomics is here to help with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Our highly trained assistive technology experts will consult with you to understand your specific needs and provide solutions that really work. We help people of all ages including adults in the workplace who have experienced an injury or other disability.

It is important to our caring specialists that you really get the benefit of these wonderful advancements in technology. For that reason we specialize in training and follow-up to make sure that everything is working as effectively as possible for you.

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