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December 21, 2021
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Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Systems Enable Humans to Interact with the World Using Thoughts

As we prepare for Christmas, our thoughts are always with children especially those with disabilities and how we can make their lives better. Some advances in brain computer interface (BCI) technology are happening north of the border in Canada and have recently shown glimpses of a powerful new device that can allow kids (and adults) to interact with the world using their thoughts.

Brain-Computer interfaces (BCI)  allow human brainwaves to be captured and converted into signals that can be processed and interpreted by computers. The technology is especially beneficial to people who have been handicapped by, for example, the loss of vision, speech, or movement.

The Think2Switch

Imagine children with severe mobility issues being able to move their wheelchairs with their minds. That’s the idea behind a new brain-computer interface called the Think2Switch that is being developed by researchers at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary. The Think2Switch is a headset that is designed to be a simple and nearly universal bridge connecting brain signals to switch-enabled devices such as a wheelchair, light or electric toy. It’s still in the early stages of development but early tests have been promising.

Blackrock Neurotech's MoveAgain BCI

BCI developer Blackrock Neurotech has announced that its MoveAgain BCI has received "breakthrough device" designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MoveAgain is a system that is designed to grant users the ability to control a mobile device or tablet, mouse cursor, keyboard wheelchair or prosthetic by using their thoughts. Blackrock is targeting commercialization of the system in 2022.

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