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Assistive Technology Specialists

We bring a true passion for helping people overcome challenges.  Our expertise is unparalleled, allowing us to provide the ideal solution for you.

Going the Extra Mile

We believe that a healthy work environment increases productivity and improves quality of life, both in and out of the workplace. We take finding solutions that work well for you very seriously.

We have extensive experience working with individuals and companies to overcome disabilities and prevent further injury. We will carefully and thoroughly address an employee’s specific concerns and provide thorough education and specialized recommendations. 

Our team really goes the extra mile to find the best solution for you. We take the implementation of the solution very seriously and will follow through on training and monitoring the results to make sure that our recommendation is working as prescribed.

Don't Delay - Prevention is the Best Measure

Early intervention is very strongly correlated with reduced risk and degree of injury. We are able to provide either a general ergonomics assessment or an assistive technology evaluation remotely or on-site (in Washington state). 

We have a dedicated team of assistive technology specialists who really care about our clients and go the extra mile to find them solutions to keep them productive and happy. You can fill out a form on the contact page, or call us at 206-707-8380.